After a booking decision is made, you will be either e-mailed or mailed a detailed contract that lists Big Party Photobooths responsibilities as your vendor including: rental/service period, payment, access, space and power for photobooth, date changes and cancellations, damage to provider’s equipment, photobooth packages and photostrip customization information. There will be no surprises and everything will be detailed in writing for you, which is very important as you are allocating your hard earned wedding budget.

Keep in mind that what sets Big Party Photobooths apart from other companies is that you will know what to expect long before your wedding day as we take pride in our professionalism and reputation. You will be hiring a company that has been to many local venues and is familiar with the layout of your venue or the wedding coordinator at your venue. This is important if there needs to be special instructions communicated between your venue and Big Party Photobooths. It will increase your peace of mind as a bride to know that this is one less stressor that you will need to handle.

On the day of your event Big Party Photobooths will set-up the photobooth in advance to your rental period as designated, run the booth for your entire rental period, and will disassemble the booth after your rental period has ended. If you have chosen to receive a photostrip album this will be given to you, the bride/groom, prior to Big Party Photobooths leaving for the night. Also if you opted to have all of your photostrips on a flashdrive this will also be given to the bride/groom at the time of your event.

We hope that we have helped to clarify some of the common questions that are often asked by our consumers. We look forward to speaking to you in the near future.


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