Rental FAQ

Q.) How much of a deposit is required to reserve my date?

A.) We require a $200 deposit to formally book your date. However, if your date is booking up fast, we will reserve it for you for two weeks as a courtesy, so that you can make a decision at your own pace.

Q.) Is the deposit refundable?

A.) The deposit is non-refundable in the amount of $200 is due upon signing of this contract. The remaining amount is due 10 days prior to your event. If payment is received after the date of your event, you are subject to a late penalty fee of 10% of the balance due PER DAY. We accept checks, Visa and Mastercard. We do not secure your date on our calendar until the deposit is received.

Q.) Do you charge extra setup and tear down time?

A.) No. The only consider the time used from when we turn the camera on to turning it off. If you require additional time, we charge $100 per hour for overtime. Furthermore, if you want us more than 1 hour before your rental start time we charge a modest $25 per hour for idle time.

Q.) Does the rental include a photo booth attendant?

A.) Yes. A professional attendant will be present during the entire rental period to help your guests operate and maximize their photo booth experience.

Q.) Does the rental include free props?

A.) It could be, depending on which package you choose. You certainly could provide your own props for the event.

Q.) How long does it take for our pictures to be posted to the internet?

A.) Most photo booth galleries are posted only 1-3 business days following the event. On rare occasions it may take a day or two longer. There is no additional charge for this web posting service and with Party Booths, your gallery will be online for an entire year!

Q.) Can we choose to have our photo booth galleries password protected?

A.) Yes, simply choose the password you would like and we will take care of the rest by directing your guests to our website with your chosen password.

Q.) Do you provide a copy of our images?

A.) Absolutely if it’s included in the package. We try to encourage clients to purchase the photos for a small up charge of $50. We’ll provide our clients with a UBS Drive containing full resolution copies of both their individual image files and the 4-up index print files. We also archive all of our files so you don’t have to worry about loosing your USB Drive for years down the line.

Q.) Are prints included with your rental rates?

A.) Yes they are. Each photo booth session takes four pictures which are then printed seconds later on a single 4×6 index print for your guests to keep. Our rental rates include unlimited sessions and an individual index print of each session. We also offer optional add-ons such as double prints.

Q.) Can we choose color or B&W prints?

A.) Yes. You may also choose sepia. What’s more, even though you may choose B&W index prints for the day of your event, the image files we provide for you still allow the option of reprinting the same images in color, B&W or sepia if you choose.

Q.) Can we have special messages displayed on our index prints?

A.) Absolutely! Our clients typically choose to have their names and their event date printed on their index prints. However, any unique message, graphic, logo or design you choose can be displayed at no additional charge.

Q.) When is the final payment due?

A.) We require final payment 10 days prior to the event. This allows us to make all the final arrangements to ensure your event goes off perfectly smooth.

Q.) Can we choose a different layout configuration for our print outs?

A.) Yes. Beginning March of 2012, we now offer 6 different print configurations to choose from.

Q.) What are the dimensions of your photo booths?

A.) Our Booths measures approximately 7′ tall by 7′ wide by 7′ deep. When coordinating an area for the booth, keep in mind that we need space for a small table (which must be provided for us) to hold our printer(s). The printer can go on either side of the booth.

Q.) Do you have any suggestions on choosing an area for the photo booths?

A.) We recommend that you try and position the photo booth as close to the action as possible. This way you and your guests will get more use out of it than if it were located in another room away from the party.

Q.) What happens if a guest takes an inappropriate picture?

A.) We do review thumbnails of all the pictures before posting them to the web gallery. However, if we do miss something that you do not want online, we can get it removed very quickly. In the event you have “EDITED” photos taken at your event, these files will then show up in a separate folder on your USB Drive. Look at your own risk! 😉

Q.) Your photo booth is seemingly so much better than others, why is it also less expensive?

A.) Our photo booths were custom designed and built exclusively for weddings and other grand occasions. They utilize professional lighting equipment and quality cameras for superior image quality. Our photo booths are larger than vending machine-type booths yet they are much easier and therefore less expensive to transport. They are also cleaner and much more attractive than some of our competitors’ booths, which in some cases are decades old.

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