I remember as a kid going to the beach with my family almost every summer. My family would go to the beach every day if the weather was nice and we would stay all day until my Dad got to grumpy because it was crowded with obnoxious families like ours. After a while we would drive our parents nuts and they would give us money to go to the boardwalk.

I have fond memories of the boardwalk. I remember the smell of French fries and the sounds of the arcades. Each time we went I had a very specific plan but so did my siblings. My brothers would head straight for the pinball machines and I wouldn’t see them again for an hour or so. My sister would spend all her money on the skee ball game to try to get tickets to buy a prize. I on the other hand had two things I always wanted to do. I would spend half on the penny candy from the old vendor guy that smelled like stale cigarettes and the other I saved to get my photo taken in the photo booth with one of my siblings.

For three summers straight I would go get my picture taken in those booth with whomever family would come with me. Those photos still sit in my childhood bedroom, which I cherish every time I go home. I guess I’ve grown to love those photos so much I started my own photo booth business.

The booths of today are nothing like they used to be. They are faster, lighter and more portable…but still a lot of fun. You can customize them for parties and have them almost anywhere you can get power.

You can always rent one of my photo booths in Lancaster PA but next time you’re at the beach start your own tradition and get in a photo booth with one of your family members. They’ll certainly remember it for a long time.