Using a photo booth for a fundraising event is a great idea. We have sponsored many events that not only helped raise money but really stepped up the fun for the party.

So…what works and what doesn’t is a very thin line. We’ve been at fund raisers where it is the a huge winner and we’ve had it where it only paid enough to cover the cost of the rental. So where is that line? I personally think it’s all about the age group or access to alcohol…(lol). The biggest demographic for the use of the photo booth is teenage girls..and girls in general. Then it would be anyone who has been drinking.

What works:

1) You can ask a company to sponsor the booth. We have a space on the photo strips that allow for us to put in a corporate logo. This give the company a lot of exposure and each of the people who use the booth leave with their brand….(it might end up on the family fridge for the next several months)

2) Asking for money for each of the people who use the booth. Photo Booths are so popular that this is also a successful way to raise money. I found the best approach is to tell people “It’s free with a donation”. Typically what happens is some people people only give $2 bucks then the next person might $5-10 dollar. We occasionally get $20 bucks. So over the course of the night it all adds up to be a nice return….Photo Booth Fundraising