Having a community event or kids party and looking for something that will create an even longer line than the bouncers? For kid appeal, look no further than a photo booth rental.

With a photo booth rental, kids get to dress up, goof around, use their creativity, make silly faces, and celebrate friendships. Plus, at the end it’s all memorialized in a souvenir photo that they can proudly display in their bedroom or school locker.

There are several party photo booth options available. The most expensive option is a professional set-up that includes a professional photographer. Automatic photo booth for parties, such as those seen at fairs and carnivals, can also be rented for an hourly or daily fee. The most affordable option is a DIY photo booth that you can create yourself for small or large parties in any almost any venue. So, how do you make your own party photo booth?


* Backdrop – sheet or tablecloth * Props and accessories to match your party theme * Screened room divider * Printer and ink * Digital camera * One disposable camera per guest * Photo paper * Glue * Scissors * Card stock * One scrapbook page per guest * Scrapbook accessories – stamps, beads, ribbon, glitter, etc. * One mini scrapbook per guest * Chairs and/or bench * Hair and makeup kit * Several helping hands


Step 1: Hang the backdrop securely in the area photo booth will be set up. This works best against a flat wall.

Step 2: Arrange seating in front of backdrop.

Step 3: Use the room divider to section off the photo booth area.

Step 4: Assign the photographer job to someone aside the host – a friend, family member, or co-host. Ensure they understand how to operate the camera.

Step 5: For larger events, it’s best to assign a second person to man the digital printing station to keep things flowing quickly.

Step 6: Organize props and accessories in bins right outside the photo booth area – costumes, wigs, sunglasses, hats, scarves, costume jewelry, sports equipment, instruments, etc.. Be sure to include props applicable to the party’s theme. Thrift stores are a great place to find tons of inexpensive props.

Step 7: Set up and hair and makeup station for the kids to get dolled up for their photos. Maybe a friend, fellow parent, or relative will volunteer to act as the stylist or makeover specialist.

Step 8: Set up the scrapbook table outside the photo booth exit. Here, kids can create individual scrapbook pages with their photo and the scrapbook accessories.

Step 9: Set up a game area to keep the kids entertained as they wait for their turn in the photo booth. Some games can even be related to the photo booth itself. You could ask, for example, all the attendees to write out a photo booth command on a slip of paper, such as touch your tongue to your nose. Then, you can ask attendees to draw one of these commands from a hat when they enter the photo booth.

Step 10: Label one disposable camera per guest. Encourage guests to take photos throughout the party. These can act as party favors or they can be collected at the end of the party, printed, and used as personalized thank you cards to be sent to each guest. If you decide disposable cameras are a little too costly, no worries. The photo booth photos act as a party favor, and you can always accompany it with a mini scrapbook if you want to do a little extra.


A simple buffet of finger foods works best with busy parties where guests are more concerned with the fun than food. A candy bar is a great dessert idea, but if you like your cake, a camera-shaped cake or photo cake looks great alongside your photo booth.


Of course, standard invites are perfectly fine. However, consider creating invitations that will resemble what the attendees will see from the photo booth for parties. Take three or four photos of the party girl or boy and cut the images into squares. Arrange the squares on card stock and glue. Create a heading, such as Come Strike A Pose With Me. Don’t forget to include the party’s details on the back.

If you’re looking for a photo booth rental Lancaster pa, call around and see if your best route is DIY or paying the fees for a photo booth rental lancaster pa.