A wedding is an occasion for great joy and delight. Guests come to a wedding to celebrate the uniting of two souls in loving ceremony that is designed to announce to the world that two people intend to spend the rest of their lives together. When planning a wedding, many people think about ways they can help their guests have as much fun as possible. One of the most innovative is to have a photo booth. A photo booth is a small alcove where people can take informal pictures of themselves. The photos are developed shortly after being taken and can then be displayed.

Using a photo booth at a wedding can help the bride by providing her with an informal and amusing series of photos of her wedding. Guests can step into the photo booth and take any kind of pictures they like. The bride herself can also step into the photo booth and take pictures of herself on her wonderful day. Many brides are delighted to find that they can get specific photos of every member of their wedding including one of all of their bridesmaids and ushers. A relative who may feel a little reluctant to take a formal photo will often be happy to step into a photo booth and take a candid photo in the booth.

When thinking about using the photo booth, it is important to think about how the booth will be used. In many cases, it makes sense for the bride or an assistant of hers to show how the booth is used to her guests. The bride should think about providing her guests with props that can help create fun photos. These might be items such as frames in charming colors, balloons or cardboard cut into shapes and bright markers where the people being photographed can write personalized messages to the bride.

If the bride has a color scheme that is being used for the wedding, it may make sense for her to provide a backdrop in the booth of fabric for the photos in those colors. The bride should also consider creating a corner of the room where the reception is being held in order for her place the photos being taken. These can be displayed for all guests to see as they pass. A large bulletin board made of cork can be ideal for this purpose. Provide thumb tacks so the guests can place their photos where they want on the bulletin board. The bride may want to ask an assistant to help guests place the pictures on the bulletin board. Consider having a pair of scissors on hand to allow the guests to cut up the photographs into fun shapes such as stars and hearts.

A photo booth can be easily rented. The bride should be prepared to make arrangements well in advance in order to get the kind of booth that she wants. Ideally, this should be done at least several months in advance. Many reception halls can help the bride make sure she gets the one she wants. They can also provide assistance to make sure that the booth is working before the guests get there. The booth should be delivered at least at hour before the reception starts.

Careful planning can help any bride get a photo booth and add an extra layer of fun and wonderful memories to her happy day.