Weddings aren’t just about celebrating the moment. You’ll want to look back and remember it later. And pictures are a great way to do that.

So how can you set up the perfect wedding photo booth?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Classic Photo Booth

A classic photo booth is a simple option because most people already know how to use it.

It also gives privacy to people who want it. Not everyone is comfortable taking pictures in front of other people, especially if there’s a long line waiting for the camera. The photo booth curtain separates people from the rest of the crowd.

If you don’t like how the photo booth looks, consider going vintage. This will add a bit more style to your wedding photos.

2. Polaroid Frame

Create a giant polaroid frame for your photo booth. When someone wants to take a picture, they just hold up the frame and pose in the middle.

There are a few great things about this idea.

First of all, you can write a customized text on the bottom of the frame. This can include the bride and groom’s names, the date, or something meaningful to the couple.

A polaroid frame also allows your guests to get pictures in different locations. There’s no need to keep everyone in front of the same scenery. People can pick up the frame and move around with it.

You can also use an empty picture frame for this photo booth idea as well. If you want, you can even hang several picture frames in the photo booth for decoration.

3. Chalkboard

Chalkboards are cheap, but they make great photo backgrounds. You can design the chalkboard any way you want.

Write the wedding date, draw a picture, include a border. There’s a lot of room for creativity with this idea.

If you provide chalk and damp clothes, you can even have your guests write their own messages for their pictures.

4. Themed Senary

When you’re throwing a themed wedding, your photo booth should match the rest of the decoration. There are hardly any limitations here.

Decorate a set of barn doors with flowers for your country wedding. Put together a sitting room with lamps and chairs for an elegant wedding. Create a car cutout for your travel inspired wedding. Just stand behind the “windshield” for the picture.

Get creative.

No matter what theme you pick, you can find a way to tie it into your photo booth.

5. Do-It-Yourself Pictures

If you don’t want to worry about a photo booth, there are still several ways you can get pictures of the guests at your wedding.

Have everyone pass around a camera and take pictures of each other. There’s no need to set up a booth because the camera will just float around the entire venue.

Or you can also create a wedding hashtag. Ask people to tag their photos on social media so you can find them later.

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas for Your Special Day

Photo booths are a popular part of many weddings, but coming up with the right style, decoration, and props will help set your booth apart.

Still trying to figure out what kind of photo booth is right for your wedding?

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