Are you looking for unique, fun, and classy wedding favors for your guests? The days of Jordan almonds are over; today’s wedding guests deserve favors they’ll love.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on this section of the wedding budget. Even a small gift is enough to show your appreciation.

Ready to pick a wedding favor your guests will never forget? Keep reading for seven of the best wedding favor ideas.

1. Handmade Soaps

Soap bars are a gift your guests can actually use when they get home. It won’t become clutter in their home or take up space.

Consider using local ingredients and scents in your recipe. Include a note explaining the significance of the ingredients and why they’ll love them.

2. Seed Kits

If you’re wedding is taking place outdoors or on a farm, seed kits make the best wedding favors. Not only do they stay in the theme of the wedding, but they’re fun to receive.

You could give flower seeds, fruits, or vegetables. If there’s a plant that’s important to you and your partner, consider giving its seeds as a gift. Your guests are sure to appreciate it.

3. Cocktail Shakers

Do you want your wedding reception to be a party no one forgets? Besides having an open bar, giving away cocktail shakers is a super memorable idea.

Consider engraving the stainless steel with your wedding monograms, or a nice quote. You could also include mini liqueur bottles to really get the fun across.

4. Macaroons

There’s nothing classier than a Parisian-themed wedding. The light spring colors, floral accents, and decadent food make it a beautiful event.

For a wedding like this, giving macaroons as the wedding favor is a no-brainer. They’re delicate, pretty, and taste amazing.

5. Hot Cocoa Mix

It’s becoming more and more popular to have weddings in the winter. There’s something so romantic about walking down the aisle as the snow falls outside.

What better gift to give your winter wedding guests than a hot cocoa kit?

You can fill mason jars with a custom cocoa mix and a sweet note. Including a mug takes this gift up a level.

6. Blankets

Along the same lines as the hot cocoa mix are cozy blankets as wedding gifts. If your guests will be sitting outside in the crisp fall air, giving them a comfy blanket is a perfect gift.

Choose colors that will go well with most home decor styles so your guests can use them forever. Think of all the gorgeous wedding photos you’ll have of your guests wrapped in their blankets!

7. Infused Olive Oil

If cooking and authentic cuisine are part of your family, chances are the food at your wedding is a big deal. Pairing your amazing meal with a take-home olive oil makes the perfect wedding favor.

Consider infusing the oil with flavors your family loves. And, monogramming the bottle to make it even more unique.

Want More Unique Wedding Favor Ideas?

You want your guests to feel appreciated and loved when they leave your wedding. After all, they spent the whole event celebrating you! What better way to say “thank you” than with a unique gift?

There are tons of wedding favor ideas out there. But, choosing a unique one will make your wedding a day to remember.

For more ideas for making your wedding unique, like hiring a photo booth service, check out the blog.