When people think of wedding entertainment, they most likely imagine dancing and DJs. But there are so many other great wedding entertainment ideas out there besides dancing! Want to throw a truly unique wedding event that will be entertaining for everyone?

In this article, we’re covering unique wedding entertainment ideas you can consider for your special day.

5 Great Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Dancing is great, but it’s not for everyone. That’s why it’s important to plan fun alternate activities to get guests excited and involved. Here are 5 alternate entertainment ideas for your wedding:

1. Make Food a Source of Fun

Still in the process of planning food for your wedding event? Well, why not bring in food trucks for your big day, and let guests grab snacks or late-night desserts. This approach is fun, interactive, and will keep guests talking about your big day for months to come.

Alternatively, you can also set up different DIY food bars for your guests. Let them make their own special desserts like DIY coffee, hot chocolate, or sundaes. This is also a great activity for kids!

Plus, the food will provide them with energy, so you can keep the party going!

2. Set up a Photo Booth

When it comes to wedding activities, photo booths just can’t be beaten! Rent a portable photo booth and stock it with fun, quirky props. This silly experience will be sure to entertain guests of all ages, and make for some great memories!

3. Set up a Gambling Table

Have guests that love to gamble, or want to go all-in on a casino theme for your wedding? Why not set up casino tables! These tables are a fun and unexpected way to engage guests who aren’t into traditional activities like dancing.

Let your guests test their luck at games Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. You can also set up special prices to up the stakes!

4. Let Them Make Their Own DIY Hangover Kits

If you have an open bar at your wedding, chances are a few of your guests will have too good of a time there. So why not let them make DIY hangover kits to solve that issue in advance? This activity will keep them busy, and they’ll be thanking you later for your insightful idea.

5. Consider Fun Word Games

If any of these wedding ideas aren’t your style, there are a plethora of word-inspired games and activities for guests. One great idea is to create an anniversary pinata in which guests write advice and kind thought on pieces of paper, and the bride and groom break it on the night of their first anniversary.

You can also put out DIY coloring books. Not only will this keep the kids occupied, but it’ll put a smile on the faces of everyone who is young at heart. You can also put out crossword puzzles for guests to do.

Final Thoughts on 5 Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding dancing can be great, but it’s not the only wedding activity. There are so many other fun wedding entertainment ideas that can make your big day even more special. By exploring the 5 ideas in this article, you can make your wedding even more memorable.

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