Sure, when most people think “wedding,” they think June, at the Plaza.

But for the less conventional bride, the snow is calling. Winter weddings are far less common than spring, summer, or fall nuptials. Even so, they are a truly stunning time to host your wedding, especially if you live in a location where snow is likely on your wedding day.

Wedding venues and vendors may also be less expensive that they would be the rest of the year. Easy on the budget AND the eyes? Yes, please! So take a look at a few of our ideas for a beautiful winter wedding.

1. Incorporate the Foliage

Winter isn’t the explosion of growth that spring is, certainly. But there is still a lot of natural beauty you can take advantage of. In addition, winter plants carry heavy symbolism that you can incorporate into your wedding.

Pinecones, cinnamon, and holly berries make for lovely tablescapes and centerpieces.

Evergreen boughs can decorate your venue or even be incorporated into your bouquet. Even bare twigs can add a touch of austere, woodland beauty.

Even mistletoe over your wedding photobooth can add a touch of whimsy and fun to the evening.

2. Embrace Songs of the Season

Walking down the aisle to an instrumental version of “O Holy Night”? Recessing to “Let it Snow”? First dance to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”?

The winter holidays are characterized by an entire library of songs, both sacred and secular, in every possible mood and style.

Even just playing traditional holiday and winter songs during the cocktail hour can give your winter wedding a festive air. Stick to instrumentals if you want to give your guests that thrill of nostalgia when they recognize the song.

3. Glam up Your Gown

Winter gives you so many opportunities for unexpected touches, especially when it comes to your dress.

Long sleeves are elegant, sophisticated, and so flexible. Bell sleeves? Tapered? The choices are endless.

Fabric choices can reflect your winter setting as well. Velvet is a surprising detail and one that will help keep you warm during pictures.

For the adventurous bride, perhaps a fur-lined (or faux-fur, for the environmentally conscious) cape. It adds a touch of drama and flair, and when else will you have a chance to wear a cape?

4. Lots of Light

All the winter holidays, from Hannukah to Yule, to Diwali, to Christmas, center on light, and the promise that the sun and warmth will eventually return.

The season brings the darkest nights of the year. Light and public declarations of love remind us that the darkness doesn’t last forever, and that warmth always returns.

Candles are a welcome presence, and if you can find a venue with a fireplace, even better.

A Winter Wedding: The New June at the Plaza?

Winter weddings may not be the most common, but they have the potential to be a simply stunning choice for any couple looking to make a statement.

For amazing ideas to make your winter wedding even more fun, check us out here!